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Ferrari and the goals for the future: by 2026 up to 60% of cars will be hybrid and electric

On June 16, 2022 Ferrari once again amazed the world with some important announcements during its "Capital Market Day" event in which the company presented its objectives for the future both in terms of some new models coming out and in terms of nutrition, sustainability and company philosophy.

In fact, by 2026 the company aims to build up to 60% of cars with hybrid and electric engines. A real turning point for Ferrari, which chooses to face with determination the profound changes in the world in terms of mobility and sustainability, while keeping faith with the tradition of excellence that has made it the spearhead of the automotive sector.

Some of the objectives shared by the company with its buyers and the press are :the launch of the first full electric model with powertrain by 2025, have 60% of production with hybrid and electric engines by 2026 and also become carbon neutral by 2030! The creation of combustion engines will continue but will be reduced to 40% by 2026. By this date it is estimated that 5% of sales will be electric cars, 55% hybrids and 40% traditional engines while in 2030 there could be a sales mix of hybrid and electric cars equal to 40% and for the remaining 20% ​​with traditional engines.

Moreover Ferrari for the period 2023-2026, plans to launch fifteen new models and the turning point towards the company's electrical revolution will take place in 2025 with the release of the first fully electric Ferrari that will be designed, produced and assembled at Maranello. Its characteristics will be unique and the know-how of track races will be exploited for its production, thus making it a true Ferrari in terms of engine power, weight, sound and driving emotions.

The real challenge is precisely linked to the battery cells that will be assembled directly in the Ferrari house and the battery modules, handcrafted, will be integrated into the chassis of the cars. The Ferrari production plant will also be expanded to include a new e-building where electric motors, batteries and inverters will be designed, built and assembled.

The commitment of the Ferrari Group is to conceive a more sustainable future in a holistic way and therefore also going beyond the decarbonization of the use phase and beyond the reduction of local CO2e emissions. Ferrari will also implement actions upstream of its processes to ensure fair and widespread actions globally, focusing on green energy, recycled materials and the development of innovative technologies capable of totally changing the present and shaping the future.

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