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The new international tourism promotion campaign in Italy 2022 has been presented

Last May in Milan the Ministry of Tourism and ENIT launched the international tourism promotion campaign in Italy 2022.

Many well-known faces chosen as "ambassadors" of Italy in the world including Roberto Bolle, Federica Pellegrini, Massimo Bottura, Bebe Vio, Renzo Rosso, Stefano Boeri, Marco Balich and Alessandro Baricco! Each of them, in its sector, represents Italian excellence, a symbol of the commitment and passion that distinguish Made in Italy.

The new campaign of the Ministry of Tourism with ENIT aims to reach both local markets and the general international public through the Dach, the market of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Benelux, the market of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and then France, the United Kingdom, the USA and the Nordics market of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.


It was in fact underlined how the actions planned by this campaign aim at "strengthening the visibility and positioning of Italian destinations in a global scenario". The key words of the project are also sustainability, inclusion, diversity and innovation. In fact, the initiative, in addition to spreading the beauty of Italy, will also contribute to promoting a three-year project to sustain young companies, tourism and culture startups to which the compensation and image rights of the Ambassadors will be donated.


An important part of this campaign is the "Discover the Italy you did not know" project, which will see Italian villages and landscapes as central. In fact, both slow tourism with paths, food and wine, art and cultural heritage and active tourism with biking, boating, nordic walking and outdoor activities both for summer and winter are protagonists.

In fact, an important space is dedicated to cycling with participation in the Giro d’Italia and Giro-E: thanks to a 3500 km route, Italy will enter the homes of over 758 million viewers around the world and 10 million Italians. The initiatives also include 25 digital guides, told by a videomaker and a journalist coordinated by the ENIT, dedicated to the most significant cycle paths that will find space on the portal to invite cyclists to travel Italy on the trail of the famous “Giro”.


In fact, the goal is also to move towards the resolution of two important problems in the Italian tourism sector: overtourism and deseasonalization. The purpose of the actions of the new campaign is in fact to promote and support lesser-known centers and places with wonderful landscapes, culture and excellent food and wine! In fact, Italy is lucky to have a rich and varied territory with destinations to be discovered throughout the year.


The first great opportunity for international tourism promotion was then the Eurovision song contest whose virtual postcards from Italy, shown in combination with the various competing countries, were created thanks to the synergy between Rai, the Ministry of Tourism, Enit, the Piedmont Region and City of Turin and have conquered the people’s hearts of the world 200 million times in 3 days!

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