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The Motor Valley is a paradise for car enthusiasts. It's an area in the Emilia Romagna region where some of the world's most prestigious automotive manufacturers are based.

For those with a passion for supercars, the Motor Valley Supercar Tour is the perfect way to immerse yourselves in the rich history and culture of Italian automotive excellence, all while behind the wheel of a supercar! Real Luxury has been organizing Motor Valley tours in supercars for enthusiasts from around the world for years, combining the most famous automotive locations with historical sites and delightful gastronomic stops. Here are some of the main places that can be included in a tour of this legendary region, where every corner tells a story of speed, innovation, and luxury. 

Ferrari Museum in Maranello 

No visit to the Motor Valley can skip the iconic Ferrari Museum in Maranello. The Ferrari Museum is a true oasis for fans of the Prancing Horse and for those who want to immerse themselves in the fascinating universe of the world's most iconic automotive manufacturer. 

Inside the museum, visitors can admire an extraordinary collection of legendary cars that have marked the history of motorsport, from the mythical Formula 1 single-seaters to the most iconic road models. Each car on display tells a unique story and represents an important chapter in Ferrari's rich sporting and technological tradition. 

But the Ferrari Museum offers much more: here, visitors can experience an immersive journey through high-tech driving simulators that allow them to experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari on the world's most famous tracks. Additionally, the museum hosts an interactive multimedia gallery that tells the story of the Ferrari brand through videos, photographs, and historical documents. Visitors can also see firsthand the trophies and awards won by the Ferrari Racing Team over decades of motorsport competitions. 

Lamborghini Factory and Technology Museum 

A short distance from Maranello lies the birthplace of another automotive icon: Lamborghini. A visit to the Lamborghini factory and museum is undoubtedly a must-do experience for supercar enthusiasts! During the factory tour, visitors have the opportunity to get up close to the entire production process of Lamborghini cars. Visiting the production lines is a unique journey to witness the birth of Lamborghini's super sports cars, from the brand-new V12 hybrid Revuelto developed over 15 stations, through the V10 line where the Huracán is born, to the Selleria. 

After witnessing the birth of the legendary Lamborghini supercars, visitors can make a stop at the Lamborghini Museum, where they can admire an extraordinary collection of historic cars, unique prototypes, and futuristic concept cars. The museum offers a journey through the company's history, from its humble origins to the sporting and commercial successes that have made it an icon of luxury automotive.

 Moreover, the Lamborghini Museum offers visitors the opportunity to experience an immersive journey through simulations and interactive installations that allow them to explore the technology and innovation that characterize the brand's cars. Through videos, sounds, and projections, visitors can delve into the Lamborghini world and discover the secrets behind the extraordinary performance of its vehicles. 

Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena 

This unique museum celebrates the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the company, and offers an engaging experience through interactive exhibitions, multimedia installations, and an extraordinary collection of historic cars. 

The museum is housed in a modern and dynamic building, constructed around Enzo Ferrari's birthplace, which has been expertly restored and integrated into contemporary architecture. Visitors can explore the exhibition halls, where some of the most iconic models ever produced by Ferrari are displayed, including some of the most famous racing cars that have made history in motorsport competitions. 

Through videos, photographs, and memorabilia, visitors can learn about the extraordinary life of Enzo Ferrari, from his passion for racing to the creation of one of the most prestigious and desired automotive companies in the world. The museum also offers the opportunity to admire up close the technological developments and innovations that have made Ferrari a symbol of excellence in the world of motorsport. 

Pagani Factory and Showroom

For those seeking the pinnacle of automotive engineering and design, a visit to the Pagani factory and showroom in San Cesario sul Panaro is a must. Here, visitors can admire the meticulous craftsmanship that characterizes the creation of these hand-built works of art, from carbon fiber bodywork to finely tuned engines. The Pagani showroom also hosts some of the most exclusive and sought-after supercars in the world. 

These are just a few of the must-see stops during a tour of the Motor Valley in supercars, but Real Luxury tailors each tour according to the preferences and desires of its guests, with the possibility of adding or removing stops and adding excellent gastronomic stops, always highly appreciated. Emilia Romagna is indeed one of Italy's regions with the best culinary and gastronomic traditions. Motors and culinary stops, are the perfect mix for a small on-the-road adventure in the heart of the Motor Valley. Of course, Real Luxury guests, to carry out this tour in full Motor Valley style, can choose from Real Luxury's vast fleet of cars, from Ferraris to Lamborghinis, from Maseratis to Porsches, to travel between these stops in the most iconic and exclusive way possible!

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