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When dreaming about Siena, everyone thinks about the medieval charm, historic architecture, and breathtaking landscapes.

However, beyond traditional tourist experiences, there lies a whole world of unconventional yet authentic activities deeply rooted in the region, which only longstanding entities like Real Luxury know and can involve visitors who come to Tuscany from all over the world. 

An unusual activity to do in Siena is undoubtedly a Ferrari tour through the picturesque Tuscan countryside! A Ferrari tour is indeed a unique and thrilling way to discover the hidden gems of the region with a touch of adrenaline and exclusivity. Real Luxury is a leader in the luxury experiences sector and therefore organizes tailor-made tours to meet the needs and desires of guests, including stops and experiences suitable for every client. 

Ferrari Tour in the Tuscan countryside: the roads and villages


Whether it's a half-day excursion or a full-day adventure, every Ferrari tour is meticulously planned to ensure an extraordinary journey. A must during a Ferrari tour in Tuscany is the opportunity to visit some of the region's most beautiful villages. 

Starting, for example, from Siena, there are truly a myriad of charming villages to explore. Among these, Monteriggioni stands out, with its imposing medieval walls that surround the village and offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. Then there's San Gimignano, famous for its medieval towers that soar into the sky and create a unique atmosphere. Volterra, with its ancient Etruscan origins and its atmosphere steeped in history and mystery, is another must-see stop, and of course Colle Val d'Elsa, with its enchanting historic center. Finally, the wonderful villages of Val d'Orcia, such as Pienza, Montalcino, and Montepulciano, with their Renaissance architecture, picturesque squares, and breathtaking views that surround them. 

In addition to discovering the villages, on a Ferrari tour in Tuscany, the experience itself is the drive along the wonderful roads of this region, winding curve after curve amidst green hills, rows of cypress trees, and stone houses on the horizon. A Ferrari tour indeed offers the chance to experience the most breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany behind the wheel of an iconic car symbolizing not only luxury and exclusivity but also excellence in Italian craftsmanship. 

Ferrari Tour in the Tuscan countryside: culinary experiences


No visit to Tuscany would be complete without savoring the renowned cuisine and fine wines of the region. Real Luxury's Ferrari tours offer the opportunity to taste the flavors of the region with exclusive gastronomic stops at wineries, farms, and gourmet restaurants. Guests can enjoy private wine tastings, tastings of artisanal cheeses and excellent olive oils, and of course, stop for lunch or dinner at some of the region's best restaurants to savor Tuscan delicacies prepared by talented chefs. 

A Ferrari tour through the Tuscan countryside is therefore the perfect unusual activity to organize starting from Siena to add a touch of exclusivity to a stay in Tuscany or to give to someone for a special occasion. It is indeed a truly unforgettable way to experience the beauty, culture, and culinary delights of the region, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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