told by true lovers of "MADE IN ITALY"

Italy is a unique succession of scenic roads and postcard sceneries and driving through its hills, mountains and coastal streets is a simply unique experience that allows you to appreciate the artistic and natural beauties but also the Italian ingenuity and the passion for the excellence that are the signature of made in Italy supercars. Today we therefore want to take you to the discovery of three incredible Italian scenic roads where you can drive supercars and live a 100% Made in Italy dream!

Last May in Milan the Ministry of Tourism and ENIT launched the international tourism promotion campaign in Italy 2022.

Many well-known faces chosen as "ambassadors" of Italy in the world including Roberto Bolle, Federica Pellegrini, Massimo Bottura, Bebe Vio, Renzo Rosso, Stefano Boeri, Marco Balich and Alessandro Baricco! Each of them, in its sector, represents Italian excellence, a symbol of the commitment and passion that distinguish Made in Italy.

One of the bluest islands in the Mediterranean, set between the reflections of the sea and the rocks of the cliffs, Capri has been the island of dreams for centuries where the beauty of nature marries a slow but at the same time glamorous and refined life that moves to the rhythm of sunsets, authentic tastes and breathtaking views. This island is a destination to see at least once in a lifetime and we therefore want to suggest 5 experiences in Capri you really cannot miss!

One of the most beautiful news of this spring is the launch of Maserati’s new gem: the MC20 Cielo, a convertible version of the MC20 coupé!.

Unique” in name and facts, the new Ferrari jewel is a new one off built on commission from a client.

The small and the big screen are some of the most powerful communication tools and it is clear that not only products but also places and experiences can now be advertised through them.

The Italian Alps are some of the most incredible scenery in the world with high rock peaks, immense woods and blue lakes. Nature is the great artist of these places that fascinate all travelers who visit them.

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