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A journey along the stunning French Riviera is an experience of pure beauty that offers exclusive and refined atmospheres.

Real Luxury is specialized in making the dreams of all travelers come true, organizing luxury tailor-made itineraries in Italy and the French Riviera. One of the ways to elevate a trip and make it unique and unforgettable is to add the rental of a top car or a tour with a luxury car. Today, we take you with us to Èze with our iconic yellow Ferrari 296GT! 

Ferrari 296GT: an Engineering marvel


The Ferrari 296GT is a masterpiece of engineering and combines power, performance, and sophistication, offering an unparalleled driving experience. With a hybrid powertrain, the 296GT effortlessly combines a twin-turbocharged V6 engine with an electric motor, propelling the car from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 2.9 seconds. With a top speed exceeding 205 mph, every twist of the wheel is filled with thrilling excitement, while the meticulously crafted interior envelops occupants in luxury and comfort. Renting the Ferrari 296GT promises not just a drive, but an unforgettable journey through the landscapes of the French Riviera. 

What to Do in Èze with a Ferrari 296GT 

Perched atop a cliff overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Ezè is a small treasure trove of beauty with its ancient old town, narrow cobbled streets lined with small artisan shops, and breathtaking views of the sea! What to do for a day in Èze? Rent a Ferrari, explore the French Riviera, and stop in Èze for an unforgettable day! 

What to Do in Èze: stroll through the historic old town 

Once you arrive in Èze in a Ferrari thanks to the wonderful scenic road of the French Riviera, the best way to discover this picturesque town is to take a walk through its historic center, admiring the medieval architecture that blends with the blooming bougainvillea and the splendid views of the Mediterranean. 

What to Do in Èze: visit the exotic gardens 

A splendid stop in the heart of Èze is a visit to the Jardin Exotique d'Eze. Clinging to the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, these gardens offer breathtaking panoramic views of the sea among a varied collection of flowers, plants, and cacti from around the world! 

What to Do in Èze: explore the Fragonard perfume factory 

If you are passionate about well-being and beauty, an unusual activity to do in Èze is a visit to the historic Fragonard Perfume Factory. Here you can discover the secrets of the art of perfume creation by observing skilled artisans create refined fragrances using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Visiting the historic Fragonard factory is truly a sensory journey through the finest essences and one of France's historic companies. 

What to Do in Èze: visit Èze Castle 

A visit to Èze is not complete without a visit to its castle. Located on the highest peak of the village, the castle offers a truly unique panoramic view of the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the picturesque coastline below. 

What to Do in Èze: lunch with a view at Les Rampants Restaurant 

A refined morning discovering Èze must be crowned with a lunch with a view at the Les Rampants restaurant, where culinary excellence meets spectacular scenery. Nestled between the walls of the historic center, this charming restaurant offers a delicious menu with fresh and local ingredients prepared with a contemporary touch. Here you can taste traditional Provencal dishes paired with fine wines in front of one of the most beautiful sea views of the French Riviera. 

In conclusion, Èze is a true gem of the French Riviera and visiting it is an experience distinguished by refinement. However, if you are looking for a distinctive element that makes your trip to the French Riviera even more elite and unforgettable, renting a Ferrari in Èze to explore the French Riviera is the best choice. Driving a Ferrari in the French Riviera adds that perfect touch of luxury and adrenaline for an extraordinary experience!

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