told by true lovers of "MADE IN ITALY"


If you are traveling to Italy for business or pleasure and if you have a contagious passion for life and strong emotions.

If you want to make your tour of the Bel Paese unforgettable, Real Luxury lets you know Italy in Ferrari with the utmost professionalism and a first-class welcome.

You will be guided to the discovery of the most beautiful roads to travel by car, breathtaking landscapes, excellent food, historic wine cellars, designer boutiques, the most luxurious gourmet restaurants and the most exclusive hotels, villas and castles. The individual Ferrari Tour is an unforgettable experience that combines the best of Made in Italy with the assistance of your Tour Director. The Tour Director is a certified sports driving instructor, an expert on Ferrari and prestigious cars. They will take care of your luxurious sports for activities such as: refueling, cleaning, parking and security. A figure of maximum confidence available for rescheduling the tour in terms of schedule and program activities with the aim of satisfying any customer request. Your Tour Director will guide you through the most scenic roads of Italy such as: northern lakes (Como-Maggiore-Garda), Tuscany (Chianti-Val d’Orcia) and the Amalfi Coast. Our guests will enjoy the continuous, albeit discreet, support of a highly qualified staff.

Our goal is to guarantee a high level of service in terms of assistance, with accompanying personnel equipped with powerful "walkie talkie" radio transceivers to keep in touch (if necessary) with the customer throughout the trip. Your luggage will travel separately to your car by your Tour Director, leaving the customer the opportunity to enjoy all the performance of the selected car. Imagine driving your Ferrari or Lamborghini on enchanting hills and roads full of endless curves, crossing the most beautiful cities in Italy. We can organize tours from 1 day to 10 days, all our packages can be customized, including additional services such as transfers, mini shuttles, yachts, helicopter transfers, private jets and hot-air balloons.

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