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Real Luxury accepts Bitcoins

Real Luxury officially becomes starting today 11 November 2021, the first luxury car rental company in the world to accept payments not only in Bitcoin but also in other cryptocurrencies! Yes, from today you can rent your Ferrari or Lamborghini by paying in Bitcoin

The decision to accept bitcoin payments arises from the need to be able to offer fast transactions to our customers but above all from the great advantage represented by the relatively low commissions compared to traditional credit card payment systems.

Furthermore, the goal was to offer something new on the rental car market and bitcpin has also proven over time to be an excellent safe haven asset to combat euro inflation, which I remember to those less familiar with the subject; it means a loss of intrinsic value of one's money deposited in the bank equal to approximately 2% per year.


If I have 10,000 euros in the bank at the end of the year the value will be 9,800 euros

Bitcoin, being a "deflationary" crypto currency, allows not only to maintain its intrinsic value but even to be able to increase over time thanks to its relative scarcity, the result of halving.

The fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin is something that has always frightened people .. but it is often forgotten that the fluctuation walks downwards but often upwards as has happened up to now with Bitcoin. Right now 1 bitcoin = 60,000 euros 

Obviously, it is still early for a real mass adoption, but something is still moving ... It is considered that only 1.4% of the world population uses cryptocurrencies.

Famous people such as Elon Musk invested 1.5 Billion in Bitcoin and the same happened for his companies SpaceX and Tesla. Some football players and formula 1 drivers already in their contracts are expected to pay in cryptocurrencies for part of the salary. 

Many stores in the States already accept crypto payments and even in Italy alone there are already 20 Bitcoin ATMs 

All that remains is to look at what will happen from today until the next 20 years.

We are there.

Andrea Becciolini - CEO


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