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Put on the seat belt! We start again...

There we are, thanks to the excellent work done by doctors, scholars, scientists and researchers, we have found 4 vaccines (pfizer, modern, astrazeneca and J&J) capable of fighting an enemy named covid sars 2.

Thus most of the activities economic conditions of half the planet following the decrease in infections, it was able to resume and return to a sort of normality, including ours.

We saw a boom in requests starting from early July, and our VIP clients felt an irrepressible need to return to travel and enjoy some nice holidays in Europe, especially in the Bel Paese.

Leaving aside the bureaucracy that imposes more and more restrictive rules and difficulties for travelers, see the PLF (Passenger Tracking Form) .. we have seen strong signs of recovery, and this has once again given us a smile on our face. Now we just have to hope that the variants to the virus (see Delta) do not take over, forcing the world population to lock down again.


Business partners: hotels, restaurants, wine, cheese and oil cellars, were ready to welcome again tourists from every corner of the planet, especially Americans.
I only noticed that several had on the one hand lost hope of starting up again and on the other lost the work pace we were used to until the pre-pandemic 2019.
We finally left with the rental of our luxury cars in Milan, Genoa, Portofino but also Florence, Rome, Bari up to Sicily and Sardinia.

The most popular cars this year for renting are the Range Rover Sport, Vogue, Ferrari Portofino but above all the new Ferrari F8 Spider together with the new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, a real ground-to-air missile ...

On the helicopter transfer services side, thanks to our Fly Tesla company division we have received a huge number of almost unexpected requests given the historical moment, with the awareness that traveling by helicopter in Italy has become easier, accessible and comfortable ..

Fly Tesla has also shown itself far-sighted in offering its customers services such as: 10 and 20 minute panoramic flight in Chianti

At this point, all that remains is to hope, thanks to the vaccine, in the victory against the SARS cov 2 epidemic ... and work together, in order to be able to create increasingly unique and novelty experiences for our VIP customers

Andrea Becciolini - CEO

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Stay Tuned!
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