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How to get rich

It could be considered as the famous 1 million dollar question and yet today many friends and acquaintances ask me the same question, not because i became one but because thanks to the experience in Real Luxury, we are often in contact with people of success, VIPs and entrepreneurs who have seen their assets grow to 6,7,8 zeros .. in the time of a few years.

Many will think it's just a matter of luck! Or that these super rich already were thanks to their families, perhaps with companies left by them, already successful business and generations .. but it is not! 

The answer can be found in this article and it can "simply" be summarized in a magic formula! 

Success = Passion x Work x Risk x Luck 

In percentage it is good to talk about 60% Passion - 30% Professionalism - 5% Risk - 5% Luck 

This is the "magic" formula to become rich! Yes, I can assure you that all our customers represent this formula. Basically it is possible to buy a luxurious villa, own a Ferrari or Lamborghini, a private jet and even a yacht with which to cross the Mediterranean to discover the islands and lead a dream life. 

Yes, all of this is possible, but as you can understand there is no magic ... you have to work, work and work even 20 hours a day, non-stop! You have to take risks, I always say that you have to have the turbines on your head! 

Below I would like to bring you some examples and some situations that I lived with our clients during our adventures and luxury experiences that will remain forever in my mind, helping me to grow and understand the right direction in life. 

It was the summer of 2019, I was a guest in Greece in a giant villa, inside a private property overlooking the Aegean and a 40-meter yacht "parked" in front of the private beach.

I was a guest of Mr. D and Mrs A. for privacy I will not say their names .. I can say wonderful people, those successful people who inspire you to improve yourself, to become better and who demand perfection in every aspect of life; in the luxury market defined as "High Demand Level" 

One day after a short yacht trip, immersed in the Greek sun, diving from the boat's springboard and breathtaking views .. we decided to stop at a restaurant on the tip of the island of Crete. Well, suddenly during lunch, Mr. D received a business call and apologizing with all of us, he disappeared for 40 minutes and then reappeared at the table being sorry for the wait. 

I saw this scene with all my clients even a few months ago with a brilliant young millionaire named Mr. B from Canada!

There is no I can't, I don't have time, I don't want ... or the conditional so dear to us Italians "I could, I would etc" 

These people put soul, mind, time into what they believe .. in projects, ideas, they run the risk of failing at times! And they are aware of it .. but they never give up, never! 

Money is just a consequence of hard work and passion in what we do! Not a mere end .. this is the mistake that people often make .. and I don't have to be Elon Musk or Steve Jobs to change your life. 

I met a pizza chef in Brooklin who emigrated to New York 10 years ago who has now become rich .. how? Simple making pizzas! But a pizza that many New Yorkers consider to be the top, an Italian excellence. 

"Work Hard and dream bigger

here is the key word with which I feel like ending this article. 

A hug from the Real Luxury Team 

Andrea Becciolini - CEO


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