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What a cool job, I want to drive Ferraris too

So let me give you a tip, never trust IG stories;). Driving super cars like Ferraris or Lamborghinis is beautiful, but think past mere appearances ... I can assure you that there is a lot of work behind luxury tourism

Patricia Albillos

How did you end up working in luxury tourism and in this case for Real Luxury?

It all started thanks to the Faculty of Tourism in San Sebastian where I completed my studies, and subsequently the various opportunities were offered to me to do Erasmus or internships abroad ... As soon as I finished university I decided to go abroad to do an internship and have the new experience of studying other tourist markets different than those of my own city. 

Here, the combination of  luxury tourism (studies) and automotive (passion), combined with the marvels of Italy, particularly the cypresses and sunsets of Tuscany (not to mention food;) made me fall in love.

For this reason I did an interview and accepted the first job opportunity that was offered to me within the Real Luxury industry ... and I’m so glad I did because the company has become a family to me. 

Why this passion for the world of the engine?

Even though my mum tried, she never managed to make me play with dolls ...;) As a child I was always passionate about the world of engines ... understanding cars, driving them or being surrounded by that "noise" that always disturbs many people but it was a kind of meditation for me. 

What role do you play in the company exactly?

I have to give thanks to the company because from the beginning they believed in me and instead of "taking off" my wings (as happens in many workplaces) and giving me a defined role, they constantly gave me the opportunity to be "boss" of myself and work at 360º with a transversal vision of the Company. This, after many efforts, errors and corrections, made me grow and become much smarter and helped me understand many dynamics that were different compared to the University ... from creating tours to sending estimates or other aspects such as Accounting or the figure of the Tour Director. 

But above all, the qualitative leap was made possible through the CEO - Andrea Becciolini when last year he decided to assign me the helicopter division ... finding myself managing the helicopter transfers offered by our division www.

I remember that sometimes I found myself having to manage 3 helicopter transfers at the same time with different variables to manage, I still remember those helicopter flights from Florence to Ca Del Bosco, from Rome to Milan and from Rome to Positano. 

I can’t deny it, it was a real challenge for me, because I didn't know anything about this field, but with the support of Andrea, my colleagues: Marco, Anastasya, Eugenio, Cesare, Silvia, Maurizio, Matteo and the wonderful drivers who fly over our skies with our helicopters, I am now proud and honoured to say that I am an expert in this field, and trust me it’s an amazing unique feeling to be able to do what I do for a living. 

From your experience, what are VIP customers looking for?

From my experience, the VIP client is no longer satisfied with buying exclusive products, but is looking for a luxury tourism, full of unique experiences, where everything is perfect and with attention to the smallest details.

I would like to say that we are lucky to have the customers we have, they are wonderful people who (even when they are on tour with us) work a lot and there is so much to learn by being close to them.

In any case, seeing their reactions of joy after enjoying the experiences tailored to them ... for me it is priceless, and it is where all the work behind it makes sense. 

Any advice?

Luxury tourism is a sector that you should be passionate about, as you have to devote many hours and dedication to it, leaving personal life aside in the high season. Being available 24/7 especially for the famous "Last-Minute".

Ultimately, I recommend that you fight for what you want to become to feel happy, and that, even if it takes a lot of effort, it's worth it. 

As they say, do what you love and you won't work a single day of your life 

I can only say "Thank you Real Luxury"

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