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Ing. Andrea Becciolini
Tour Director / Marketing & Sales
Mob. +39 349 1607347

Adriana Stan
Marketing & Sales

Andrea Becciolini

Andrea had the chance to born in Siena, a beautiful medieval town situated in the heart of Tuscany, well-known for Piazza del Campo and the famous horse race called Palio. He graduated in Engineering Management at the age of 27. In 2008 he joined Oil&Gas with General Electric group and after many years abroad, living between Africa and India, Andrea decided to return to Italy where in 2011 he embraced the world of luxury travels with the Red Travel company.

He has been working for 3 years as a Tour Director, organizing and managing individual Tour & Incentive on board of Ferrari and Lamborghini. In 2013 he has managed official Ferrari events and meetings for Italian, Swiss and German markets.

Andrea really loves his beautiful country, the “made in Italy” and sports cars, he now comes back to the places where he grew up with the aim of accompanying you, by car, through the most amazing roads of Tuscany and Italy with REAL LUXURY.

In his spare time he is an official sports driving instructor at the Toyota “GT Academy”. Andrea is a big fan of sports cars and he provides individual rides on Ferrari and Lamborghini on race tracks.

Let his great experience, his competence and his passion accompany you to the Ferrari world through Tuscan hills, north lakes (Como-Maggiore-Garda), Amalfi coast and French Riviera. His smile never leaves him..



Gabriele Forti


“Having the opportunity to show the beauties of my country while driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is a dream came true. I love Italy for its artwork, for the history, the food, the sun, the smell of the vineyard, the streets full of curves, passionate people, the architecture, the wine, breath-taking landscapes, from the mountains to the sea, passing through the gorgeous hills of Tuscany, where I was born and raised. Italy is a constellation of small towns, each one faithful to its origins and local traditions, you just have to find them out!”
Cit. Andrea Becciolini